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As a dedicated (and growing!) community of cyclists, we’ve come together to create an amazing hub for people from all over Metro Austin to come and fellowship and celebrate the sport. We’d love for you to join us! As a part of our club, we want you to always stay informed about what we’re doing and what’s on our agenda. Check out our latest updates and stay in the loop.

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This is our club listing on Strava where we can track our progress and see what our fellow ATX Regulators are putting down on the road.


MTCC Austin and StetchLab Round Rock Partnership

We are pleased to announce that MTCC Austin and StretchLab Round Rock have forged a partnership.  StetchLab is a unique wellness concept, offering customized assisted-stretch sessions.  This is perfect for a recovery routine after a long bike ride. 

Major Taylor National Convention - SAVE THE DATE

The first ever National Convention of Major Taylor Cycling Clubs in the US will be held on June 17-19, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN.  More details will be released within the coming weeks regarding this wonderful celebration.

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